Stinger Roadkill Ultimate Bulk Pack


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(comes in a box of 9 sheets)

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Stinger RoadKill Ultimate combines the benefits of our Expert aluminum/butyl material and acoustic foam to create the ultimate noise killer. The combination of these two products saves you a step in the application of two individual layers. It provides additional isolation and noise reduction against unwanted resonance, vibration, road and engine noise.

Where to apply the product:

  • Door panels
  • Roof
  • Floor
  • Bulkhead
  • Boot
  • Wheel arches

RoadKill Ultimate damping mats are self-adhesive. To apply, thoroughly clean the area, cut mat to size and firmly press down the material on the prepared surface (for better results use a roller).

  • Size: 0.46 x 0.81m (18″x32″) – per sheet
  • Cover Area: 0.37 sq.m (4 sq.ft) – per sheet

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Acoustic foam & damping mat


Stinger Roadkill Ultimate combines the advantages of aluminum, butyl and acoustic foam in one product. This saves you a step in the laying of two individual layers. The combination of these two products will more than double the results than when used on their own. This product is the best solution to reduce a massive amount of unwanted resonating noise (panel vibrations, exhaust, engine and road noise) allowing your audio system to sound even louder, with more clarity and definition.

The Roadkill Ultimate material provides the following components for a clear and clean music experience:

  • Outer layer: acoustic foam for absorbing and diffusing high-frequency sounds but also works as a thermal barrier. In addition, sound waves are absorbed, which are otherwise trapped behind the door panels.
  • Middle layer: aluminum for heat dissipation.
  • Inner layer: self-developed ultra-light butyl blend absorbs unwanted acoustic energy to eliminate noise and reduces vibrations.


The initial tackiness of the product allows for easy application. No surface preparation is needed, just measure-cut-apply. Use in any vehicle on all metal panels, doors, roof, floor, firewall and trunk. Super adhesion comfortably provides maximum surface contact critical for high performance damping.

Products that seem to be extra sticky at application do not increase bond strength over time. RoadKill is moderately sticky at application, then increases bonding strength and achieves full adhesion after 48 hours. This increased bond strength results in the best possible damping performance as the material becomes one with the mounting surface.

A roller can be used for even simpler and more effective application. It will ensure  the mat is firmly pressed against the surface and no spaces with air bubbles are created.

Other specifications:

  • SIZE: 0.46 x 0.81m (18” x 32”)
  • COVER AREA: 0.37 sq.m (4 sq.ft)
  • 9 sheets (in total covers 3.33 sq.m or 36 sq.ft)