If you are looking for ideas and inspiration, you have come to the right place. Explore our collection of sound deadening installation examples and soundproofing projects completed for various vehicles. Each example provides a description of the steps taken and the materials used, to help you achieve the same, high quality results.

Lancia Roof Soundproofing

  • In this project, a combination of two materials was used to create high quality sound insulation.
  • We first applied a layer of 2mm Vibrofiltr damping mats, followed by 8mm thickness acoustic felt.
  • Damping mats eliminate noise and resonance created by car body elements, while compressed felt absorbs any sound produced within the vehicle.

Chevy Pickup Interior Damping

  • To achieve the best soundproofing results, the floor, bulkhead and roof were covered in VibroFiltr 4mm damping mats in this Chevy Pickup
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