Soundproofing installation instructions with a simple, step by step guide on how to insulate your car, van, camper or truck.

When Applying Self-Adhesive Products:

  • Thoroughly clean the applying surface from dust and grease. Use thinners or alcohol-based cleaners. Do not use white spirits or similar products that leave oily residue behind.

  • Cut mats to size.

  • Peel of the protection tape.

  • Firmly press down the material onto the prepared surface.

When Applying Damping Mats:

  • The operating temperature must be at least +16 / +18 degrees Celsius. Can use a hairdryer or a heat gun to heat up the mats for easier application.

  • The product must be firmly pressed during assembly, to ensure it adheres perfectly without creating a space with air bubbles.

  • Use a roller for effective application.


  • The self-adhesive material is very sticky and once applied to the surface, it cannot be removed without damaging it.

  • Wear protective gloves while installing the product, as it can stick to your hands.

  • Take extra care when working with damping mats. The sharp edges can cause cuts.

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